FAIR-TOO Philosophy

TheFAIR-TOO idea originated in the area of sports and can be applied to all aspects of living with one another. Whether with family, in school, at work, for leisure, with clubs, associations or different cultures, being together is much easier if you remind yourself ofFAIR-TOO everyday, and strive to live this philosophy.

The application in the intense environment of sport becomes very transparent and theFAIR-TOO concept plays a central role in this. Athletes performing their occupation are role models for followers of all ages, especially the adolescents.

The values ​​based onFAIR-TOO are passed on to the fans. Fair handling in sport can be applied to all areas of daily coexistence.


The FAIR-TOO logo expresses a clear sign of considerate and tolerant dealings with one another.

FAIR-TOO – not just today or tomorrow!FAIR-TOO is timeless and ALWAYS applies!

There are no time limits forFAIR-TOOFAIR-TOO is always relevant and of enormous importance all over the world in bringing cooperation to the highest level.
All people, regardless of their origin, skin color, education, age, etc. have the right to be treated in such a way that they are not harmed.

The values

FAIR-TOO is composed of several building blocks that are all connected.


In general, decent behavior and a just and honest attitude towards other people. In order to implement this principle, there exist rules in sports and games that create equal conditions for all people involved.

It is not always easy to comply with all the rules of the game and opportunities to circumvent the rules do exist. In sport, as in our everyday life, it is necessary to try to consciously and consistently live the rules of the “game.”

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To stand by your beliefs and your own values, to express them and not to disguise them. Everyone makes mistakes, but standing by and learning from these mistakes develops a sincere person. A sincere person is the one who cannot be “bought” to be their best self.

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To put ourselves in the position of other people, groups, organizations, religions, nations etc. brings us much closer together in our daily dealings with one another. Nobody should be excluded just because they are mentally or physically disadvantaged. With FAIR-TOO we are setting an example to include all people together in a circle of cohesion and sense of community.

 Let’s go ahead to set a good example and send a message for FAIR-TOO


Another feature of FAIR-TOO is to show appreciation and give attention to all living beings and even to institutions. Through action and conversation, having respect is a guarantee for a good understanding in all relationships. We put the common interests in the forefront and adapt ourselves accordingly. Together instead of alone!

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Tolerating and bearing different opinions and ideas as well as people of different skin color, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs and origins, etc. are a matter of course for us. Everyone has the right to be who they are.

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Out with drugs

Many people use unfair means in sport and at work to perform better. They are not honest with themselves and pretend to be another ME. Athletes and people in public services have a great responsibility as role models for the next generation and it is essential that they carry out their activities by honest means. When doping cases occur, for many people, their entire world collapses because they are so disappointed by their role models.

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Out with violence

Violence must in no way have a place in our society. Starting with language and subsequently with actions, always make sure that no physical or psychological violence is used. With FAIR-TOO we are sending a clear signal that not only do we not allow violence, but we counteract it as soon as it arises.

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And that is why it is supported
FAIR-TOO the organization “Children have a future”
with 5% of the total turnover.

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